Web Development and Design

I'm a coder, passionate about design, I find my palette to create responsive , relevant and efficient web designs and applications. 
I have created smart and appealing websites.I have good experience with web development frame works.Feel free to contact me to create your professional website /mobile or UI design.

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Away from computers , I like to draw portraits of humans, animals in addition to creating crafts.I have two children and they are talented too.I love travelling and I visited inspiring cities like Singapore and Istanbul.I believe that life is a wonderful journey.

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Samples of my work

Salama Obeid

This is a personal website was done for ,peot writer and famouse publisher : Salama Obeid

ADFS Financial Services

This website was published in 2007,for ADFS subsidiary of UAE national bank (National Bank of Abu Dhabi FAB now)

Dr. Nayef Obeid

This personal website is done for Dr.Nayef Obeid,famous researcher , poet and writer. 

An Eye on the kingdom

This Website done part of my Harvard University post graduate certificate.

My Kitchen Secrets

This website done part of my Harvard University post graduate certificate.

An Eye on the Kingdom

This website done part of my Harvard University post graduate certificate.-technically little different.

Pencil -freehand

Free hand drawing in pencil.copied from original.true story.

Book Cover in Arabic

Cover for book published in 2002

Book Cover in Arabic

Book , written by Tawfiq Obeid.

Why me?

I'm holding BSc in Math and Computer Science , I have done my postgraduate certificate in web technologies.My exposure to different areas in the process of development and design makes me the right candidate for your project 

Works everywhere

Tasks are done within time frame ,with team and any where. 

Normal working hours

I can be reached online , on linked-in normal working hours.

Efficient web designs

My website and mobile designs are fully functional and efficient.

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